The Story Of The Plague Ends Here.

In a universe where the fallen angels cast out of heaven plan to take over the world. They create their own army of half man half demon soldiers known as the Plague of Vengeance. The Plagues job is to stop the Seven Angels of Revelations from releasing the Seven Plagues of God’s wrath from destroying Lucifer and his Fallen who live amongst mankind on earth. But before the End Days have even arrived the plague has already broken into a civil war, with one part of the plague fighting for the children of earth led by Crow the Lord of the Sixth region of the underworld and the other standing with Lucifer’s Fallen led by Martyr Goddess of Chaos.


It’s up to Crow and his team to retrieve the lost Pages of Revelations which contain the Lost Prophecy of the Apocrypha before Martyr gets to them. These contain the instructions of awakening a darkness that could mean the end our world as we know it. This is the story of the beginning of a dark age. 

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